Redden’s War Notes: Spring 1914

Mobilization for war has begun in earnest throughout the continent:

  • England sent an army into the ocean.  Luckily they were trained in dog-paddling.
  • France tried to invade neutral Switzerland through the Alps.  They forgot those little climbing poles.
  • Germany unexpectedly deployed troops into neighboring Denmark–clearly a provocation to their British rivals.  
  • A division of the Italian army got caught up sightseeing in Rome and missed their deployment to Naples.  In an evasive naval maneuver to avoid a Cruise liner filled with students from a nearby private high school, the fleet destined for the Ionian Sea was diverted into the Tyrrhenian.
  • No action was taken in Serbia.  Instead, armies loyal to the Dual Monarchy clashed in Romania with Russia.  Things have escalated quickly here with neither side commenting.
  • The Ottoman Empire moved their fleet into the Black Sea.

Heavy days ahead.


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