Central Powers Plan to Manipulate People Through Propaganda

After almost a year of war, the European powers involved are beginning to rely on propaganda as they commit to a total war. This propaganda seems to focus on justifying each power’s cause and asking their people for money and soldiers. Each country has been hard at work deciding what kinds of messages to use in order to gain national support. The powers involved in this war have not been careful in their planning and inside sources have leaked their basic strategies for propaganda.

Sources have revealed that the Ottoman Empire’s basic plan is to portray their nation as trying to protect themselves and avoid conflict. They will promise a better economy if they succeed in the war, convincing their people to invest their time and money. Leaders hope that creating a common enemy against Serbia will solve their internal issues with nationalism. They are planning to use the slogan “Make the Ottoman Empire great again.”

Austria-Hungary desperately wants money from their people and plan to claim that “the future lies in [the people’s] hands” in order to gain military donations. To encourage enlistment, they’ll promise a job, food, money, and housing to soldiers. The Austro-Hungarian Empire has told the media that Russia and England are their main enemies, which will probably show up in their propaganda as well.

Germany has kept their plans for propaganda more hidden. Sources have leaked that France and England might be enemies of Germany, which could mean that they will be targeted in Germany’s propaganda. It has also been leaked that Germany might use the image of a “golden eagle shitting on another country” to unite their people against their enemies.

The Second Internationalle is also planning to persuade the people of the countries and empires participating in the war. Sources have revealed that the group hopes to convince the people of Germany and France to fight against the leaders of their governments. They hope to convince the French government to take a pacifist role in the conflict. It has been leaked that the French, Russian, British, and Italian socialists will convene in Paris for a “vigorous expression of [the] will for peace.”

The media and the people have yet to see any of this meticulously planned propaganda but it is expected to be put to the test very soon.

Tara McConville



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