Allied Powers War Update

Rivalry and tensions between countries have worsened and all the countries are on the brink of a world war. Russia not only desires to attack Germany, but Sweden and Romania as well. In fear that Germany will barge their way through the Baltic Sea and take over Sweden, which is very close to Russia’s capital, St. Petersburg, Russia has decided to attack and take over Sweden first. The Germans have already taken over Denmark, proving that they wish to invade Russia’s capital in the near future. In order to prevent the Germans from encroaching further onto Russian territory, the British have agreed to aid Russia in their attack of Sweden. The Russians have even started an advertising campaign by displaying an image of Germany attacking St. Petersburg, followed by the words, “FIGHT FOR RUSSIA”. In addition to Russia’s attack on Sweden, they are also planning to attack Romania. Not only has Germany been seeking to set foot in Russia’s territory, but Austria has also conquered Galicia in an attempt to get closer to the Black Sea and eventually destroy Russia. Austria is threatening to take over Romania next and since Romania is on Russia’s border, the Russians have decided to take over Romania before the Austrians can get to it. Austria has also taken over Serbia, Russia’s ally, to try to get closer to Russia, but has failed due to Russia’s forceful and vigorous military.

France is currently in a state of danger as Germany and Italy have been moving in on them. Germany’s virus-like ability to conquer multiple nations of Europe have allowed them to take over Belgium and Holland, two countries that border France. Germany will most-likely expand their territory to France as well. Italy has also taken interest in France due to their “useful cities and supplies” and believe that France is “easily conquerable.” As the victim of potential attacks by two powerful countries, France should be ready to arm themselves when necessary.

England has not clearly stated their plans, but they are allied with Turkey, Russia, and France and hope to maintain their territories while slowly expanding.

Jinny Park


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