WAR! Conflict and Alliances between the Central Powers

It has been almost a year since the war started between the European powers. Tension is high while each country works out their plans for the war. Each power has been deciding and signing off on official plans. However, most of them have been quite secretive in terms of what they are planning. Many of the powers have shared small hints about their war plans with the media but have kept almost all the details of their plans well-hidden.

The only information that the Austro-Hungarian Empire has shared is that they are satisfied with how the war is progressing. The empire refuses to give up any other information. Internal tension seems to be taking up much of leaders’ energy. Inside sources have said that there has been conflict between the leaders regarding the plan and who has the final say. However, it has recently been leaked that agreements have been reached and this is no longer an issue for the empire.

A couple of the other countries have made some clearer statements about enemies and war plans.

It is clear that Germany has strong negative feelings towards France and will most likely try and eliminate them as soon as possible. A German leader said when speaking with the press, “We kind of fucking hate the French.” However, leaders also called themselves peaceful, saying they love everyone in the same conversation.

Italy gave some hints as to who their enemies are. A leader stated that relations with other countries are “chill” except with the Ottoman Empire. The leader said, “we still don’t like the Ottomans” but “we’re tight homies with the Germans and Austrians.” Italy has also clearly confirmed that the Triple Alliance is back on, indicating that if the Ottoman Empire is really an enemy of Italy, they will be an enemy of Germany and Austria- Hungary as well. Italy has also stated that their “navy will be pretty important” but has not given any more specific war-related information to the press.

The United States seems to be planning on staying out of the conflict for now. Leaders have stated that the US is “looking to stay neutral and stay down low.” However, the United States has warned that surprises should be expected, suggesting that they might not stay neutral for long.

The Ottoman Empire has not released any information regarding their plans for the war. However, inside sources have leaked that they are planning on cooperating with the Austro-Hungarian Empire. However, these same sources have said that internal miscommunication has led the Austro-Hungarian Empire to worry about a betrayal.

Tara McConville