With the world war coming it’s way, each country has made careful and meticulous preparations to make sure that their country does not become a victim. Among these preparations come the making of propaganda.

France has decided to put the faces of the Head of States of Italy, Germany, and Austria-Hungary on the bodies of squids. They have proceeded to go even further to put the Head of State of Germany’s face on a soccer ball and a soccer player in the midst of kicking the ball. As a leading nation that must fight with a bold face, this is an awfully immature act. Although it would make sense that the Head of Strategic Planning be responsible for this propaganda, the Minister of War has created this. Why is the person who should be making plans for war to protect his country in a time when a world war is about to occur wasting his time by putting people’s faces on squids? Propaganda is a very effective way to get people to support their country, but using these childish images as propaganda defaces the intrepid and courageous face they keep putting on.

Italy on the other hand, has made a wise decision with their propaganda by using a form of social media: Twitter. Using Twitter to spread their messages about the war is a shrewd decision on their part. With more than half the nation using social media, spreading the word through this commonly used app is be very effective.

Jinny Park


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