Redden’s War Notes: Spring ’16

After nearly two years of conflict, war makers have become adept and innovative about finding new ways to slaughter the youth. Gone are the days of botched orders; Europe has proudly developed brutally efficient killing machines:

  • Occupied PetrogradBritain remains in control of Petrograd. Russian attempts to recover the capital proved fruitless. The sole Russian fleet remains in Sweden, where it supports Germany. To the south, support given by Russia’s Black Seat Fleet to save Sevastopol proved lethal in Romania, which the Dual Monarchy occupied. Into Bulgaria, and Sevastopol, marched the Ottoman Empire.  Desperation has descended upon Moscow.
  • SpainWaves of bodies now litter the Spanish coastline, where Italy’s invasion of French occupied Spain proved unsuccessful. Both sides are no-doubt plotting a way to do it again, for the fun of it.
  • Despite efforts by Germany’s fleet in Denmark to disturb convoys with U-boat attacks, Britain landed in both Holland and Norway and took near total command of the North Sea.



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