Conflict Between Ottoman Empire and Austria-Hungary Continues

Recently there have been arguments and distrust between the Ottoman Empire and the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Last year, the two empires planned an alliance. However, as a result of supposed lack of communication between the leaders of the Ottoman Empire, this alliance was not properly confirmed.

Ever since this confusion, the Austro-Hungarian rightfully lost their trust in the Ottoman Empire and is now working against them.

The Ottoman Empire has said that they have stopped helping the Austro-Hungarian Empire. They are concerned that Austria-Hungary is going to betray them. They claimed that the reasoning for the expected betrayal, that the Ottomans betrayed Austria-Hungary, is false.

Despite the Ottoman Empire’s attempts to lie their way out of the situation, the Austro-Hungarian Empire has stated that they will “never forgive the Ottoman betrayal.” They hinted at plans to invade Constantinople and destroy them. Their justification for this is clear: the Ottomans broke the pact and disregarded their alliance. The head of state said that “there won’t be a handful of dust left from that so-called empire.”

Tara McConville



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