Total War’s Effect at Home

Many of the European powers have been struggling at home as a result of the war. One of the biggest effects has been governments taking control of the economy. There has been rationing and control of prices and wages in many of the European countries and empires involved in the war.

In Germany this year, the government has taken full control over the economy. Food is distributed to citizens based on their physical need. The most rations are given to citizens who do intense manual work. There is very little to go around and some people have been starving to death.

There has been a similar situation in Great Britain. Since last year, the new Ministry of Munitions has been controlling many aspects of the economy: profits, labor, wages, etc. Like in Germany, food is being rationed.


In many European nations, people are no longer strongly supporting the war. The Easter Rebellion in Dublin last month and strikes and protest marches all over have demonstrated the people’s dissatisfaction with the way their governments are handling the war.

The powers will have to come up with some serious propaganda in order to combat this growing discontent at home.

Tara McConville


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