Facing Tough Decisions, Landslide Win Gives Ferreira Second Term

With all precincts reporting President Sugeidy Ferreira 2015115639549e3a81bhas won her re-election battle, taking every electoral vote from each of the 48 states and securing a second term in office. With 98.58% of the electorate supporting her peace candidacy, she has an unquestioned mandate.

Yet, as the only person able to break the stalemate in Europe, important voices have already begun to urge her into action in a manner that directly contradicts her message to voters for the duration of her insufferably long campaign.  The document below comes to World War One News from the head of Britain’s Secret Service Bureau, Jake Fallek.   Given that he cannot even run the Falcon Games, though, should one question the veracity of such a document?

The President
White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington D.C

Dear Mr. President:

In consideration of recent events, the board of J.P Morgan and Co. has elected to submit recommendations for the resolution of the European war to the executive office. Preceding advice of the political variety, the board and our President, Mr. Morgan Jr, feel obligated to disclose our invested assets as a precursor to the provision of biased recommendations. 

The first matter of import regards the the allowance department, which provided (after extensive evaluation of credit appraisal) the quantity of $500,000,000 to the Reichsschatzamt and Bundesministerium der Finanzen. For this contract, J.P Morgan and Co. anticipates a 1% commission on all purchases. J.P Morgan and Co wishes to satisfy all prerequisites for transparency, and deliver the following advice with our prejudices renown. 

The Government should also be made aware that the company has a general stake of over $3 billion in the German condition: an investment that is not segregated from our domestic investments.  

Mr. President, it is therefore our recommendation that the Government of the United States give all urgency for resolution, and the preservation of American interests. The present martial condition in continental Europe is not approaching conclusion, and the company is therefore worried that further delay will substantially destabilize the market and force a deterioration in corporate and public interest. 

But should the conflict be resolved, Mr. President, the contracted commissions will be repaid by the German treasury, and the American condition will be secured from any unnecessary turmoil.

J.P Morgan & Co.
23 Wall Street
New York City


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