An anonymous source from Italy has released information that the German army will be invading into a further region of France, Brest. France has been informed of this plan and the Head of State of France has responded by saying: “France will rip Germany’s head off with our bare hands and will not let Germany enter our country.” He has also claimed: “I can guarantee that I will have the head of the Head of State of Germany stuffed and mounted by the end of the war.” The media will be waiting to hear responses from Germany to this vile statement made by the French.

Russia has released an angry statement about their response to the betrayal of their “allies”, Britain, Germany, Austria-Hungary, and the Ottoman Empire. Although Germany, Austria-Hungary, and the Ottoman Empire were never allies of Russia in the first place, Russia had made efforts to making a peace deal with them, but they were met with attacks from these three countries. In addition, Russia had also reached out to Britain to make peace deals and end the war, but Britain betrayed Russia and attacked Russia’s capital, St. Petersburg. Russia claimed that they never lied and were loyal to all their allies despite times of disagreement. Furious about these claims, the Head of State of England responded to Russia by calling them liars and disloyal “ex-allies.”

Germany preparing to move to Brest
Head of State of Russia Making his Statement

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