Redden’s War Notes: Spring 1917

Here is what the map looks like

  • Sailors in Russia’s Baltic Fleet disregarded orders from Russia’s military high command and returned to Petrograd, joining the revolutionary Soviet that arrested Britain’s army and expelled them to Finland.  
  • Britain now occupies Sweden and completely rules Europe’s seas, with a naval blockade in the North Sea and Atlantic Ocean.
  • Italy conquered much of what used to be France and now they control the former kingdom of Spain.  Confirming aspirations of the most militant socialist-nationalists, a new Roman empire has emerged before our eyes.
  • Collapsing beneath the weight of its own internal disintegration,  both Russia and the Ottoman empire hemorrhage territory to the advancing armies of the Dual Monarchy.  Both Sevastopol & Smyrna have fallen to Austria, but problems mount at home for the same empires that today appear invincible.



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