On Bastille Day 1917, another Paris Commune

As summer continues, France has fallen into crisis both at home and abroad.  The collapse of the French front lines and tidal wave of revolutionary sentiment brought about by events in Russia intensifies the tumult.

Half of the military has mutinied.  Abandoned by a navy that has fled to Portugal and armies defending Spain but not Marseilles, civilians feel betrayed. The nation has seen darker days, but not many.

Again, Paris is left defenseless, and again a Paris Commune has arisen.  Led by Li Goldstein and Ollie Fisher, the two now preside over the Executive Committee in a frenetic effort to save Paris.

The French state has fallen into disarray.  Military commander Jeffrey Barrett will continue the war from England, in consultation with the British government.  Meanwhile Casey Schnell, former Head of State in France, has become a consultant to the Italian government on the Maghreb.


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