On Bastille Day 1917, another Paris Commune

As summer continues, France has fallen into crisis both at home and abroad.  The collapse of the French front lines and tidal wave of revolutionary sentiment brought about by events in Russia intensifies the tumult. Half of the military has mutinied.  Abandoned by a navy that has fled to Portugal and armies defending Spain but not Marseilles, civilians feel betrayed. The […]

Dispatch from (Formerly) occupied Petrograd

Today Russian Minister of War Jack Rosenthal has resigned his post, accepting a position with the Nobel Family’s Branobel Oil Company in Baku. His demise illustrates the radicalizing direction of Russia’s Great Revolution. Earlier this Spring, with Russia’s military high command struggling to gain control on what remained of its front lines, the Petrograd Soviet of […]

Ferreira Doctrine Challenged, as Britain Blockades Europe

In recent months, Britain’s Admiralty has established a complete blockade over Europe’s Atlantic Coast.  King Jac Cohen’s navy has established a stranglehold of the seas that extends from Portugal and the Straits of Gibraltar in the south to the Norwegian coast.  In the interest of denying key provisions and resources to the Central Powers, Cohen’s government has […]

Hunger Pains and the Drang nach Osten

Millions of dead, and the call of the Petrograd Soviet for peace,  give soldiers and civilians everywhere pause and affect all who desire an end to the war.  Taxes have increased, while bread rations get endlessly cut.  Austrian grain production stands at roughly 40% of pre-war levels.  While millions die on the front, millions more die from hunger. Responding to a cut […]

Redden’s War Notes: Spring 1917

Here is what the map looks like Sailors in Russia’s Baltic Fleet disregarded orders from Russia’s military high command and returned to Petrograd, joining the revolutionary Soviet that arrested Britain’s army and expelled them to Finland.   Britain now occupies Sweden and completely rules Europe’s seas, with a naval blockade in the North Sea and Atlantic Ocean. Italy conquered much of […]

Tsar Claffekov Abdicates, Flees to the USA

Petrograd remains blockaded, flying under a British flag.  Shockingly the Russian military made no attempt, during the winter of 1916, to retake the industrial and economic hub of the empire.  Coupled with disastrous military setbacks in Warsaw and Sweden, these two events prompted both outrage and food shortages throughout the Empire. Facing an increasingly militant strike wave in the last […]


An anonymous source from Italy has released information that the German army will be invading into a further region of France, Brest. France has been informed of this plan and the Head of State of France has responded by saying: “France will rip Germany’s head off with our bare hands and will not let Germany […]