An anonymous source from Italy has released information that the German army will be invading into a further region of France, Brest. France has been informed of this plan and the Head of State of France has responded by saying: “France will rip Germany’s head off with our bare hands and will not let Germany […]


With the world war coming it’s way, each country has made careful and meticulous preparations to make sure that their country does not become a victim. Among these preparations come the making of propaganda. France has decided to put the faces of the Head of States of Italy, Germany, and Austria-Hungary on the bodies of […]

Allied Powers War Update

Rivalry and tensions between countries have worsened and all the countries are on the brink of a world war. Russia not only desires to attack Germany, but Sweden and Romania as well. In fear that Germany will barge their way through the Baltic Sea and take over Sweden, which is very close to Russia’s capital, […]